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The Harari region is located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, at a distance of 515 K.M from Addis Ababa. It stands as one of the nine regions in the federal structure. Geographically it is bounded by five woredas of the Oromia Region - Jarso in the north, Fedis in the south, Haramaya in the west, Gursum and Babille in the east. The region lies in 90 11’49”- 90 24’42” North latitude and 42o 03’ 30”- 42o 16’ 24” East longitude. The total area of the region is 343.2 km2 and its altitude ranges from the Erer valley, which is of 1300 meters above sea level to the Mt. Aw-Hakim, with an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level. In addition the region is drained by rivers and streams that contribute highly to the socio-economic activities, namely Hida, Onga and Simit that are located in the north-eastern part and flow southward to River Erer, and the seasonal rivers of Aw Umar, Bishan-Buna, Segicha and Deje



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